Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Tryin' to Reason With the Shitty Season

I’m back, bitches. And less than thrilled about it.

I don’t mind the occasional bike-free vacation. Really, I don’t. But for shit’s sake, it ought to be illegal for riding conditions to go tits-up right before a bike junkie gets home after 12 days without turning a pedal.

While I was eating and drinking my way across Maui—and hobbling around after my encounter with a nasty kiawe thorn—Anchorage was hit with warm chinook winds that devoured our snow and left everything covered in glare ice.

I had to break out the studded commuter bike to get to work this morning. And if you think the first day of work after a vacation sucks, try starting it by dragging your mai tai-fattened ass to the office on a singlespeed you haven’t touched for two months. Not a cheery way to start a dark morning.

Yeah, I’m burning up a little on re-entry. I think it’s a good sign, though, that I checked out a Maui webcam only once while waiting for the sun to rise over the Chugach Range about 11 o’clock this morning.

Now I’m just hoping the sun will disappear for a day or so. We need snow. And I need some Pugsley time before my gut gets any bigger.


Vito said...

Welcome back!

The Old Bag said...

nearly 30" of snow had fallen here, and last week the rain and 40 degrees hit it...we've got a nice variety of crusty slop.

Anonymous said...

Last time I was in Maui, I rented a bike instead of a car. It cost the same, but it was a hoot to be riding at 80 degrees instead of -20. I know. That doesn't help you one bit and I totally suck for mentioning it.

Notorious T said...

Indeed you do, Ti. Thanks for rubbing it in, dammit!

Actually, I briefly considered taking my road bike, but when traveling with a non-cycling spouse, it's sometimes better to sacrifice a week or two of riding. One occasionally has to rebuild a small store of domestic credits to be used at a later time.

darcyd said...

At least you're back Tim. Heard today of a man who was in Hawaii, took a fall on his bike, broke his hip, had surgery there, got an infection and is still not out of the hospital. What is it with Hawaii and infections I wonder?

bikegirl said...

I'm ignoring every word on this post. That photo is stunning!
Welcome back.
Let's go ride some ice.