Sunday, April 10, 2011

Get out the vote

Sierra in action. Photo by Anthony DeLorenzo

When was the last time you had a chance to vote for someone who A) wasn’t the lesser of two evils, and B) wasn’t sure to leave you disappointed four years later? Well, here’s your chance.

My Yukoner friend Anthony has nominated his lovely, badass wife, Sierra, for the BC Bike Race, so I’m asking everyone who reads Bicycles & Icicles to click on over here and cast a vote for Sierra van der Meer to win the Kazlaw Community Mountain Biking Award. If she wins, she'll get free entry in the race. Sierra’s a hardcore mountain biker who gives a lot to the Whitehorse bike community, and she deserves the votes. You can read her profile right here.

You can’t lose with a vote like this, because Sierra won’t raise your taxes and she won’t cut your favorite social program. She’ll just go out and put the hurt on some fellow mountain bikers, then keep helping promote mountain biking in Whitehorse. (Which makes her far more fun and productive than anyone in Washington.)

Damn, it’s good to be thinking about mountain biking again. We’re still six or seven weeks away from dry trails in Anchorage, but it’s good just to know it’s coming. It’s been too long since I stood in a hot shower while drinking a cold beer and watching muddy water flow off my shins and down the drain.


Jennoit said...

Nice Tim - thanks for the Sierra love. Hope to see you this summer either here (Whitehorse) or maybe I can finally get my ass to AK for some riding this summer.

Julie said...

Nice, I just voted for her. Good luck Sierra!

Six or seven weeks is about the time I should be able to ride again, perfect.

phillH48 said...

Done...Good luck to her.

From Phill at wheeled backpacks