Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fancher's Furnace

Leonard pedals through Death Valley.
(Photos courtesy of Mike Morganson)

A 508-mile bike ride is beyond my comprehension. That’s why this post will be short. I can’t write much about what I don’t understand. (Although some readers of this blog would say I do so on a regular basis.)

But congratulations to Leonard Fancher. The dude just finished the Furnace Creek 508 in 40 hours, 59 minutes, 29 seconds. I mean, seriously. Holy shitballs. That’s a freakishly demented, long distance, and the race came about three months after Leonard took third in the Fireweed 400.

Good job, Leonard. And congrats to Leonard’s dad and Mike Morganson for serving as his crew. I learned last year that the job of crewing is a tough one, but a rider can’t go that far without solid support. All three of you
earned some cold beer and deep sleep for the next few nights.

I’m curious to hear what kind of twisted idea Leonard will come up with for his race schedule next year.


Phil B said...

T, a book you might enjoy on the topic of even longer (ridiculously long) bike races is Hell on Two Wheels: An Astonishing Story of Suffering, Triumph, and the Most Extreme Endurance Race in the World
by Amy Snyder.

I can barely comprehend running a century, let alone five back to back and all in 41 hours. Amazing. Well done Leonard.

Noble444 said...

An Alaskan won the woman's 508...
Check it out:

Tim said...

Thanks, Noble444. I was not aware of that. Great work by Dr. Sheufelt,