Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Desert Finger

The woman who started it all is still keeping the Fabulous Finger Gallery alive. Nice job, H.

After five fun days of riding through my old stompin' grounds of Arizona, I think I'll need a day or three to sort it all out before sharing the stories. Meanwhile, I'll just thank the crazies who made it fun and memorable:

Julie. One of my regular
riding partners for years, 
and wife of ...

 The equipment-bashing Bike Monkee.

Harter, a recovering Midwesterner
and all-around good guy ...
despite being a recovering Midwesterner.

Huber, who makes great blowfish faces
and damn fine meals.
Heather, who bruises more easily
(and more frequently) than any other human on Earth.

Thanks, Arizona.
See you next time.


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