Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring is phat

Civilians usually don't understand why fat-bikers like winter. Or why we love its final stages, when the trails are firm, the sun is back, and the temperatures are rising.

Want to know why I love late February and early March in Alaska? Look at the last four weekends ...

 Saturday, Feb. 23, Speedway Singletrack.

Saturday, March 2, Homer beach ride.

Saturday, March 9, all-day ride in 
Nancy Lake State Recreation Area outside Houston.

 Saturday, March 16, Anchorage Coastal Flats.

Fat bikes are made to be ridden, and March is made for fat bikes.


Julie said...

Yep! March is one of my favorite months in AK. Good biking, good backcountry skiing. Some woman at my office said March is a good time to leave Alaska. We had to agree to disagree. April yes, March no.

Tim said...

I'm with you all the way. March is great. April is the only wretched month of the year in Alaska. It sucks.