Monday, April 01, 2013

Doo the right thing

This is bullshit.

OK, it’s a bag of dog shit. But it’s still bullshit.

I’ve observed this practice for years, but have been thinking about it more since overhearing a conversation about it at a trailhead a week or so ago. What I'm talking about is the habit some dog owners have of bagging their critters' doo, then leaving it beside the trail.

The idea, I’m told, is that they simply don’t want to carry warm turds in their pocket, so they plan to pick up the bags as they pass by on the way back to their cars. In reality, they seem to forget fairly often. Or they change routes and end up not returning for Fido’s shit. 

A couple of winters ago, someone tied the bag to a tree on Microdot, and it hung there for days. The rest of us were left with the choice of seeing the damned thing on every ride, or packing out someone else’s dog shit. Neither option was fair.

So here’s the deal, dog owners. You may feel that this practice is OK, but it’s not. You don't like the feel of warm shit in your pocket? Well boo fuckin' hoo. If your pet’s poo is too unpleasant to carry, you should leave your mutt at home.

I’m not exactly crazy about carrying an empty, sticky Gu packet in my pocket, but I don’t drop my trash on the trail and tarnish your outdoor experience by making you step past my debris until I return to pick it up. That would be lazy, rude and selfish. 

Lazy, rude and selfish people suck.

If your dog packs it in, you pack it out. Please pack it with you along the way.


Phil B said...

Well stated Mr. Woody. I've often wondered about this practice myself.

To be fair, I am a new dog owner and I have, at times set a bag to the side of the trail to retrieve on my return trip. However, I always come back to pick it up and often will pick up other folk's bags as well.

My question is this: If you plan on leaving the bag with the poo, why bag it at all?

Tim said...

Thanks for being responsible about picking up your bags, Phil, but I still disagree with the practice. During the time you leave those bags beside they trail, they are unsightly litter to everyone else.

It's not OK to impose such a thing on the experience of other trail users. I assume most reasonable people wouldn't consider it OK to throw down cigarette butts or food wrappers with the intention of picking them up on the way out.

So why do they think it is acceptable to pollute everyone else's view of the woods by cluttering it with shit bags?

Vito said...

What pisses me off even more are the assholes that are too lazy to even pick up their dog's turds. Pick it up and carry it out or stay the hell home!!!

Leo said...

you spelt do wrong

runnerchick said...
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runnerchick said...

No sh!t pun not intended! Spring breakup has begun and the smell of dogshit permeates as months of crap that has accumulated under the snow resurfaces. Lazy pet owners just suck!

Anonymous said...

If a plastic bag on the trail can ruin your "experience" I feel pretty sorry for you. It can't possibly be that big of a deal.

Tim said...

Let me know which trail you'll be on tomorrow, Anonymous. I'll be sure to get there first, and then pick up my empty beer cans on the way back to my car. I'm sure it won't taint your fun in any way. And it'll be SO much more convenient for me. That's what it's all about.

Anonymous said...

anonymous - I agree fully with the story here and Tim's responses. The act of leaving plastic bags of dog crap on the trails is annoying and irresponsible, whether it is for an hour until you return or until someone else picks up after you. It is litter, whether it is there for 5 minutes or 5 days. It DOES take away from the experience of others. It also provides for one more thing to try to not run over/step in/ski through/knock off a branch/etc... while out there. If you don't want to carry it, at least get it clearly off the trail, not by a few inches, but by many feet. As a dog owner myself, it is annoying to run/bike/ski past a bunch of bags along the trail having my dog veer over and/or come to a sudden stop each time to check out what someone else left behind. Other dogs have worse habits of actually wanting to tear into them and/or eat them (glad mine isn't that way, luckily). Leave it there for a day or so and it could easily get tilled up and mixed into the next trail grooming (ever hear of "brown klister"?).

daveIT said...

You see a bag of shit, I see a free handwarmer!

Julie said...

Well said....but probably falling on deaf ears. :( Dog owners are disgusting when it comes to dog-doo. Ever hear of 'leave no trace'?