Monday, October 17, 2005

Bike vs. SUV

Still livin' large at the Four Seasons in Whistler, where a copy of the Globe and Mail was left hanging on my door knob early this morning. Today's edition includes a story written by a young doctor who was hit by an SUV while riding her bike to work in Ottawa. Luckily, she's OK, but her commitment to bike commuting has taken a huge hit. I hope she decides to get back out there.

I won't blame the author for the mistake (who expects doctors to spell?) but I will blame the copy editors: When are people going to learn the difference between "peddling" and "pedaling." C'mon, people, grab a dictionary. I'm sure you have them, even in Canada.

Spent Saturday walking around Vancouver and was thrilled to see so many cyclists riding through downtown. Young guys in suits pedaling cruisers; hardbodies in racing kits on their road bikes; a man in his 60s and wearing his English driving cap and riding beside a bus in the rain; the recycling fanatic riding along False Creek with five garbage bags tied to her mountain bike. It could almost give a guy hope.

More Kona and Rocky Mountain bikes than I've ever seen. The hometown boys have a lot of support. For good reason. They make nice rides.

That's it for me. I think I'm supposed to go to some meetings or something ...

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