Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's bear season

Heads up on the Hillside, folks. Here's the latest from folks at the muni:

"Tuesday, July 11th at 9am, a jogger was charged by a brown bear on the Tour of Anchorage Trail (Old Rondy) between the Campbell Creek Science Center parking area and the wooden bridge (South Fork Campbell Creek) downstream towards Tudor Rd.

"The bear was just off the side of the trail in the grass and did not notice the jogger until he was approximately 20 feet away. The bear raised his head startled and charged the jogger. The jogger stopped, raised his arms and yelled at the bear. The charge stopped at approximately 6 feet, the bear looped back and charged again stopping at the same distance. After the second charge the bear ran into the woods and crossed Campbell Creek."

Salmon are running and berries are ripe, which means the big scary guys are hanging around. Be noisy.


George said...

I think I would crap my pants if a bear charged me.

Squirrel said...

george those were the exact words that came to mind:) Iowa isn't that bad:)


Jill said...

Yikes. And I'm going to hike Crow Pass this weekend, too.

I think that did more to make me lose my appetite than your last post.

Tim said...

Oh, you can crap your pants. You just can't run. That jogger did a good job and responded correctly, because most bear charges are bluffs. Turn around and run, and you're in trouble.

A woman up here made that mistake a few days ago when she encountered a wolf. She turned and ran, which triggered an aggressive pursuit. She got her leg bitten pretty good. She's luck she wasn't taken down like a lame caribou.

Tim said...

Take your spray, Jill. From what I understand, bear sightings on Crow Pass are routine.