Sunday, July 23, 2006

Saving souls, one ride at a time

I always find it a little disturbing to ride by a church and see the parking lot full on a beautiful Sunday morning. Especially when the church has a really dumb sign out front.

Of course, I've never been a big fan of people behaving so much like sheep that they actually refer to themselves as flocks.

The world is out there waiting to be enjoyed, but church people sit indoors on uncomfortable benches and let clergy spoonfeed them religious propaganda.

I like to think I have my own religion—it's something of a cult, really—and I have no need for ministers, pedophile priests or prudish peers.

I call it the Church of the Triple Chainring.

Services are held every Sunday (weather permitting) with as many bible study sessions as time allows the rest of the week. Sermons consist of whatever is running through your head. All services are held in the world's largest church, which I like to call ... uh ... well, I call it the world. Seating is unlimited, so feel free to arrive a few minutes late. (Just don't complain if we start without you and you have to ride hard to catch up.)

Come on, join us. Take a sip from our vat of Kool-Aid. You'll feel better. We might even save your soul. If not, we'll have a hell of a good time trying.

You can even call me Reverend Tim, if you want to.


the old bag said...

Out in Mpls, we attend the Church of the Big Ring...I think it's an affiliate!

Tim Grahl said...

As with most things, be careful when lumping a whole mass of people together in one generalization.

I am one that attends a Christian church every Sunday however I also (gasp) think for myself and have done enough studying on my own to believe in the truths of the Bible.

Unfortunately there is a whole lot of twisted and corrupted stuff people have done and will continue doing and claim the Bible at the same time... but that doesn't immediately discount it.

So while I enjoy my regular visits to the Church of the Triple Chainring (or Single Chainring in most cases), they definitely don't replace my daily visits with the Bible.

As I said, I knows there are a lot of people that claim the Bible that A) don't really know why they believe it and/or B) do some pretty twisted stuff with it... but that doesn't mean all of us are mindless followers.

Tim said...

No offense intended, Tim, (though I knew this post might offend some people) but I happen to come down on the other side of the issue.

I've done my studying as well, and became an athiest as a result. I know I'm in a small minority but I believe followers of organized religion are believers of sophisticated fiction.

To each his own. I just prefer to think there are more life-enriching experiences to be found riding over an old log than sitting on a polished pew.

daveIT said...

Great post
Or was it?
Doobie doobie doo

My parents left today. Let's go biking again before it snows.

Tim said...

You're on, homie. Might be a little tough to pull a ride together in the next couple of weeks, though. I have to split town again. After this trip, I'm sticking close to home for the rest of the season, and even taking a couple of weeks of vacation so I can get in some long rides.

Luke said...

You're also supposed to do a long ride -- Resurrection (an appropriate trail for this blog post) -- at some point this week as part of, ahem, "work." Don't forget that one.

Squirrel said...

Amen, Tim:) great post, simple just the way I like it.