Tuesday, February 24, 2009

“I didn’t know it was about to turn!”

This is Julie. Julie writes a blog and climbs frozen waterfalls. She’s the demon who pulled me and Huber into last summer’s Soggy Bottom Sufferfest, and the saint who lives with the Bike Monkee.

She’s also a great person to ride bikes with because she’s cheerful even when things turn to suckage, and after hearing me grumble about missing a photo recently, she actually offered to go back and re-ride the same section of trail. I was so shocked that I declined her offer. I immediately regretted doing so, because I missed a good shot and the opportunity to encourage such offers in the future.

But I fear she’s learning bad habits from my less well-behaved friends, i.e. the finger flippers. As we I rode The Hive tonight, she couldn't flip me The Bird because she was too busy steering the Snow Ho, but she mugged it up with a tongue wag. Fortunately, such aberrant behavior was discouraged when she turned her attention back to the trail and realized that she was entering a tight, downhill switchback, prompting her make a quick adjustment before uttering the title of this post. I hope such a close call will motivate her to be a more disciplined model in the future.

Focus, Julie. Focus.

It’s all about my needs. What, you didn't know that?


JordyB said...

LOL-Turn? Good Times!

Julie said...

You said, "What are you doing with your face?" after you took that picture.

How do you know I wasn't also giving you the finger?

Tim said...

Thanks to my superhero vision, I was able to see that you were up to something in the fraction of a second that the flash was lighting you up!

As for the finger, well, I was giving you the benefit of the doubt. (H is a bad influence on you.)

Anonymous said...

And YET you people keep coming around for more...what would a mental health professional say about that kind of masochism....hmmm. H