Thursday, August 12, 2010

Saving Sarah

Sarah has spent this summer as an intern in the office where I work. She has also spent it as a bike commuter, riding from downtown to South Anchorage every day on an old Trek mountain bike that wasn’t getting much action in my garage.

After feeling her strength build all summer as she racked up miles, she sampled a little trail in my neighborhood, then wanted more. So, some friends and I took her up Powerline Valley last night. I saw it as a fun way to show her another little piece of Alaska while baiting her into the cult.

She splashed through a bit of water, smiled a lot, and pronounced the downhill section “warped,” but a seriously good time. I even overheard her telling Maura that she was starting to like mountain biking more than running.

I love getting people into mountain biking, but it’s especially rewarding to convert runners.

The way I see it, saving a person from running is like saving a person from the church.

Could there be any higher calling than that?


Leo said...

Way to go Sarah!
You will always have a riding partner in me.


Vito said...

She drank the punch! Now, you can start working on those cross country skiers and start converting them to snow biking :)

Debbie said...

Runner conversions seem to call for a new variation on the "No Waxing Required" bumper sticker.

funhog and fundogs said...

you know she's in the cult when she flips you the bird while on the bike.

Notorious T said...

Sharp eye, funhog! The ol' bird is flying on her left hand.