Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Soggy Fingers

Last weekend's Soggy Bottom inspired
some fine efforts for the Bicycles & Icicles
Fabulous Finger Gallery:

Strong work by Mark Davis, who was among
the elite group of finishers in an event
in which two-thirds of the solo riders
had to scratch.

And here's a classic from Sean Grady.
It's always fun when someone finds a way
to put a new spin one of these shots.
And yes, that's me walking toward him
when both of us were on the trail
shooting pictures near the
Cooper Landing checkpoint.

Well played, gentlemen.


JordyB said...

Well played indeed!

Debbie said...

Is anyone else troubled by Sean's oddly clean, perfect fingernails? Does he get manicures after his rides?

Notorious T said...

He's a proud metrosexual!

sean said...

I assure you a closer, more in focus inspection would reveal dirt, unevenness, and maybe a hangnail or two, thereby reinforcing my dirty, filthy manliness. Just try to ignore the clear coat....

Debbie said...

Sean would look so pretty in the mankini with his pretty nails.

sean said...

I am pretty. I'm a beautiful flower.