Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunshine and Glassholes

At last. After weeks—OK, months—of cloudy weather, a high-pressure system has finally parked its fat ass over Southcentral Alaska. That means the skies are nearly cloudless. Even the temperatures are unusually warm for September.

It also means that everyone's scrambling for some fun in the sun, so every convertible has its top down, every patch of grass seems to have people relaxing on it, and bike junkies are rushing to squeeze in their final rides of the year in shorts and fingerless gloves.

I spent four hours riding today, then gulped down some food and took a quick shower so I could head back outside with my daughter. There's just no gettin' enough of this stuff when you know that freezing rain is only a few weeks away.

Unfortunately, I've noticed that the glassholes have been busy the past couple of weeks. Today's pic is from my friend Amber, who had yesterday's road ride interrupted by a debris field of broken glass.

I'd like to take every drunk dumbass who breaks bottles on bike paths, strip 'em naked and make them roll around in that shit until the pavement is shiny and red.


JordyB said...

A "Glasshole" struck on Campbell Creek Trail near the Elmore Tunnel this morning, spend 5 minutes clearing the glass. Sucks I feel it's time to start carrying a small broom. I feel instead of breaking glass on the trail, they should break it over their HEAD!

Anonymous said...

I live in a town with two Universities. Broken bottles in the bike path is a way of life between September and May. Broom is a good idea though. One of those small ones that comes with a dustpan.