Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Word of the Day

glasshole (noun): person who breaks glass items on
public paths, trails and/or sidewalks.

(I just make up words when it seems we need new ones.)


WheelDancer said...

Most excellent! I was seeking just such a word upon finding a smashed beer bottle on the Mendota Bridge, a major commuting route over the Minnesota River. Glasshole is perfect!

swiss said...

sphincter flu - a mental condition of despair brought about by the behaviour and exposure to these types (brealking glass or in any other area of life you'd care to mention)

Anonymous said...

Beauty! Great word and one that I will be using ALOT (with proper credit, of course) since it seems that Fairbanks has way more than her fair share of these 'folks'.

Warren T said...