Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Well, it's a start

Jules cruises down icy Rover's Run on Sunday
while wearing a jacket she thoughtfully
coordinated with the colors on my new blog format.

Get the fat bikes out. It took until November 1, but there’s finally some snow on the ground. It’s wet crud mixed with rain but it’s here, it’s white and it’s covering the icy ruts and tire tracks that made Rover’s so dicey on Sunday.

The first snowfall of the season always snarls the morning car commute, but I’m lucky enough to be on vacation this week, so I slept late, ate a big breakfast and hit the Hillside on my Pugsley today. I got so many first tracks that I had trouble finding the trail a few times, and ended up taking wrong turns and riding sections I hadn’t expected—and that was part of the fun.

The sun even came out, but that’s not necessarily a good thing this early in the season. With temps in the mid-30s, it didn’t take long for the “rain shower” to start as snowmelt dripped off trees.

With more snow in the forecast, let’s hope the temperatures drop and help the trails set up.

Let the fat tires roll.


erik k said...

wow new look

Notorious T said...

Yeah. I hope it works. The old look was gettin' a bit stale compared to some of my friends' blogs. I figured I'd better freshen it up a bit.

Vito said...

Wow! Nice new look. Makes mine look rather, well, plain and boring.

I'm patiently waiting for snow, but at least the night rides have been fun.

Debbie said...

I feel unsettled by change. I wasn't consulted on this. 30 lashes with a Rambone.