Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winter's Waiting Room

Winter was off to such a nice start.

The fat biking was sweet for days until last weekend’s warm weather hit. Next thing I knew, the trails were turning to slush, and my route to work went from packed snow to ice that forced me to park the Pugsley and break out the studs.

The whole mess makes me envy Daniel, who sent today’s Fabulous Finger Photo from Joe’s Ridge in Fruita. If I’ve gotta have my stomach come up in my throat during a scary moment, I’d rather have it happen on Joe’s than on a wicked-slick patch of hard-as-concrete glare ice during my morning commute.

Besides, a ride at the Bookcliffs ends at a cold beer. A morning commute just ends at work.

Oh, well. Winter will return. And snow will renew the trails (I hope) even if there isn’t any in the forecast for the next week. It’s fat-bike season, dammit.

By the way, there are still “No Waxing Required” frame stickers available, so if you’re a winter rider who feels like blowing a raspberry at Anchorage’s bike-hating ski snobs, hit me up for a freebie when you see me around town.

Then you can proudly let your freak flag fly.

1 comment:

Joboo said...

Doesn't the morning commute that just ends at work, make the cold beers at the end of Bookcliffs taste that much better??!!
The joy of pedaling to my J.O.B. lasts throughout my days at the dreaded J.O.B., and makes them there beers where ever your own Bookcliffs may be, taste that much better!!
Isn't that what makes us all love the pedal that much more??!!
Is it about the journey, or is it about the destination?? I guess each of us will have a different answer.
Like not backing up at the end of the two weeks to pick up your check!!! ;)
Ok, ok, I guess this 5 a.m. J.O.B. crap has got me thinking way too much!!! ;))