Thursday, February 24, 2011


While creating a new post a few weeks ago, I noticed I was nearing the 1,000-post mark. I made a mental note to mark the occasion when it came up. Then I forgot.

I noticed a couple of d
ays ago that I had already written number 1,002, so I’m celebrating 1,003! (Insert confetti and applause here.) Who knew this pimple on the ass of the interwebs would last this long? Not me, or I would have been too lazy to start the damned thing.

Writing a blog can be a strange thing. One day you’re amazed to have a dozen readers, and the next thing, you know, there are hundreds. Because of Bicycles & Icicles, I have friends I’ve never met face to face. In a few cases, I’ve actually shared rides and beers with them.

Hell, I even gained my 100th “follower” a week or two ago. Some bloggers have several times that many, because they’re informative, positive and/or inspirational to others. To hell with that. I don’t do warm and fuzzy. I just vent about bike-related stuff. Or annoying stuff that affects bike riders. I rant.

For the most part, this blog remains what it was originally meant to be—an outlet for the crap I want to get off my chest without driving my non-biking wife batshit crazy. She still endures far more bike-related conversation that she ever wanted to hear. (And it sometimes drives her perilously close to batshit crazy.)

Thanks for reading this stuff. And thanks to everyone who ever met me on the road or trail and said, “Love yer blog, man!”

You obviously have too much free time on your hands, but I appreciate you anyway.


Bill G said...

You help pass the day at work and I have the same homefront as well. Not that it is a bad thing because bikes are awesome and soon the whole world will know!

Daniel said...

Glad to be here T.

Matthew Woody said...

I am confused. You have shared a beer and a ride with friends you have never met face to face?

Seriously, keep up the nice work. Just don't tell people that we are related.

Vito said...

What the hell am I doing reading this stuff? I must have too damn much free time :)

Guess I better get that Pugsley up to the park and hit the trails.


The Old Bag said...

Great stuff!

Leo said...

I guess this means it isn't going to stop

welshcyclist said...

Here's yet another one with too much free time on his hands, I wish that was the case. Well done with the blog, mine has a readership of two, probably because my literary efforts are boring.