Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No waxing up north

I've been so busy this week that I haven't even taken pictures of my new bike. Fortunately, my new friend Julie—who I met through my old friend Julie—just sent me a picture of her new Fatback, which is sporting one of the farthest-north "No Waxing Required" stickers. Julie is one of only two riders in Fairbanks (that I know of) with stickers from this here blog, so I'm proud to see one on her fine bike with its sweet new carbon fork, which was added just in time for this weekend's Susitna 100.

Both Julies and our mutual friend Carl will be racing. Good luck to all of you. Have fun, and come back with all your toes.

And speaking of the new bike, I definitely will post some pics in the next few days, because holy shit is it ever a hoot to ride. After two days of commuting, I took it out for its first singletrack run tonight. I don't think my test rides did it justice. It's stiff, fast and fun, and corners like crazy.

I'd also like to offer a reminder that a new forum called alaskabikehub.com is now online to replace its defunct predecessor, and offer my thanks to Jordy B., the guy who established alaskabikehub.com and salvaged all of the old forum's content and placed it on the new site.

Bike forums can be pits of sophomoric humor and trash talk—I know this because I'm often right in the thick of such shenanigans—but they also accumulate loads of useful information. It would have been a shame to see years of user-generated content flushed down the toilet, so kudos to Jordy for pulling off the technical voodoo behind the new site.


WheelDancer said...

I'm beginning to wonder what kind of dad you are with no pictures of your new arrival...

Julie said...

So much for a mellow ride. Just when I was starting to be able to keep up with you, you go and get a new bike and now I'm chasing you again.

Glad you like it! I forgot to ask at the end of the ride what you thought.