Monday, May 30, 2011

And so it begins

I'm gonna miss Jules and her Monkee Man this summer.

Summer is officially under way, and my unplanned hiatus from blogging appears to be over. There’s been no action on the blog for 10 days or so, because real life kept getting in the way. Then an extended holiday weekend got in the way. Sunny weather and a few vacation days are not conducive to pissing away time on the laptop.

For once, I loved those pessimistic weathermen being wrong. Memorial Day weekend was as warm and sunny as the weather can get in Southcentral Alaska, so I squeezed in a trail ride on Friday before my sister and brother-in-law arrived for a brief visit, then the three of us got out for a nice cruise on Sunday morning before I joined friends for another trail ride and then met up with everyone for food and beer on the sunny deck at Midnight Sun Brewing Company.

And that shit, my friends, is what a good Sunday is made of.

May it last all summer.


WheelDancer said...

You're goddamned right about that!

Daniel said...

Yea I seem to have missplaced my chore list this past couple weeks also. Its been a very welcome change-