Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ride to work. While you still can.

People I would never invite to dinner have been telling us for weeks that the world will end this Saturday, so I guess Friday’s official Bike to Work Day is more important than ever. Get your ass on a bike, because if the nutjobs are right, this could be your last chance.

Friday is the day most of us will find our commuting routes busier than ever, but don’t you worry your pretty little heads. Most of the bikes you see that day will be safely stowed back in their garages come Monday morning, and you’ll have the bike paths to yourself again.

I make fun of Bike to Work Day every year because I know that most of the participants won’t ride to work more than a handful of days each year. But that doesn’t mean I don’t support the idea. If anyone who tries bike commuting that day decides to stick with it, that’ll be progress. I would be thrilled to see 20 riders on my commuting route every morning instead of the two I see now.

Bike to Work Day is a good thing, and Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage—a great group—is celebrating it by organizing the BCA Bacon Station on the Chester Creek trail at East Chester Park, east of the tunnel under the Seward Highway. Spenard Roadhouse will cook the bacon, Raven’s Brew Coffee will brew the coffee and Great Harvest Bread will bake the cookies.

If, like me, you don’t pass anywhere near that station while riding to work, there are more options for getting a free cup of coffee or a light snack during Friday’s morning commute. Thanks to Dawn at BCA for providing the following information:

Chain Reaction Cycles will be at it again with the station located on Elmore at the Elmore/Abbott intersection. Their station will be sponsored by House of Bread.

CRW Engineering Group and DOWL HKM will put aside their rivalry for one day—and one day only—to offer a joint venture replenishment station for Bike to Workers. Stop by the northeastern corner of Tudor Road and C Street (in front of the big red fish) for treats and prizes.

South Central and ANTHC will again have a station outside of the ANTHC building (near Elmore & Tudor).

Thompson & Co. Public Relations will be providing goodies and coffee from Kaladi Brothers Coffee at 9th Avenue and E Street. The Anchorage Downtown Partnership will be there with raffle drawings for dining certificates at downtown restaurants.

For those who fear they may get sweaty, all the Alaska Club locations are offering free showers to anyone who brings in their bike helmet on Friday.

Those free showers could be especially handy for sinners who are sweating bullets about Saturday.


The Old Bag said...

Does the rapture mean the world ends and we ALL end up somewhere? Or does it mean the chosen few disappear and the roads and trails will be more clear for the rest of us schlubs who are left behind?

Debbie said...

There are always tons of Craigslist m4m "missed connections" centered around the Alaska Club showers. I wonder if this is one last ditch effort to weed out the secret sinners before the Rapture.

bikegirl said...

TOB, Doonesbury explains it well. Those not raptured will experience misery in biblical proportions... then the world will end in Oct.

as for the helmets 4 showers, maybe I should give some old helmets to the homeless people. I can work all day w/out a shower; they'd probably love one!

Phil B said...

I'm more worried about zombies than any rapture-thingy. Zombies can be pretty persistent when they're hungry.