Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Something fishy's goin' on

We have another fresh photo for the Fabulous Finger Gallery, courtesy of Alaska Bike Girl. That's her on the right, smiling at the prospect of chowin' down on that big king salmon, which she and her friends caught last weekend while the rest of us were out riding singletrack.

Personally, I think pedaling over Johnson Pass was more fun than splashing around in the frigid waters of lower Cook Inlet that day but, come winter, Rose will still be eating a big, tasty stash of fish.

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bikegirl said...

If you want to see a slice of AK culture, the place to be is near the mouth of the Kasilof River!

You should try it next year, Tim. Just ask Andy - he & Melissa were just down the beach from us... there's good biking, too.