Sunday, February 05, 2012

Big Fat Fun & A Stolen Bike Alert

During a good summer, I rack up a lot of miles driving down to the Kenai Peninsula for great trail rides. But in winter, I rarely leave Anchorage unless I’m on a jet leaving the state. By February, I usually start itching for a weekend road trip, and the Homer Cycling Club is providing a great excuse.

I just registered for the Big Fat Bike Festival that will be held down at the end of the road later this month. There’ll be rides, an art show, demos, an obstacle course and—if I know anything about mountain bikers—a few beers will be consumed around the bonfire.

Happily, I was nudged into this idea by my teenage daughter, who thinks the whole thing sounds like a hoot. (Well, except for the beer-drinking part.)

I’m looking forward to resuming the ritual of loading my 4Runner with bikes, clothes and snacks, and rolling out of town for the sole purpose of bike fun. By the time we reach the end of February, Alaska riders on the cusp of the best fat-biking month of the year. March brings more sunlight, better temperatures and some of the best trail conditions of the year. The Big Fat Bike Festival should be a great way to kick it off.

Riding fat bikes beside the ocean, enjoying some beautiful scenery, meeting new people and hanging out with my daughter. Doesn’t get much better than that.

I hate to wrap this up on a sad note, but if you happen to be among the Bicycles & Icicles readers who live in the Twin Cities region, please watch for a Long Haul Trucker that was stolen from my friend and fellow blogger The Old Bag on Sunday afternoon during a run to the grocery store in St. Louis Park. It’s fairly distinctive with a black frame, blue rims and blue bar tape. The full description is right here.

Like all of us, TOB loves her bikes. Those of us who know how much it stings to lose a sweet ride to some thieving scumbag can understand how she feels right now.

I know it’s a long shot, but wouldn’t it be sweet if someone in Minnesota spotted this bike and it found its way home?

Keep your eyes peeled, folks. Please.


Anonymous said...

Sucks to hear about the theft - at least someone is doing something about it - Ran across this new web series on BikesnobNYC's blog -

The Old Bag said...

Thanks a ton, Tim -- true suckage. But like you suggested, I do think I'd sacrifice the bicycle if she were to throw herself and the riding thief in front of a semi.

Debbie said...

To wrap this up on an even sadder note, did we just witness yet another homonym mishap of sole vs soul? If you were more flowery and hippie-ish, I would have assumed you meant "soul purpose" as some sort of existential experience. But I'm fairly certain that's against your religion.

Tim said...

Hey, why don't YOU try writing a blog after a couple of glasses of wine, Flashdance?