Sunday, February 19, 2012

Respect your elders

There were a bunch of impressive performances from Alaska mountain bikers this weekend, but I’m going to mention my favorites first. This is my blog, and I can see the headlights of 50 coming at me through the tunnel of life, so forgive me for being most impressed by my friends who have already rounded that corner.

Janice Tower—second place in the women’s solo divi
sion at 24 Hours in Old Pueblo. And that was no age-division ranking. She slayed the entire field except for one other rider. We all expect this kind of thing from Janice because she has a long record of doing it. But it blows me away how she keeps doing it. I was at her 50th birthday party what, four months ago? She’s still faster than most of us have ever been, and will be for a long time.

Mark Davis—eighth place in the men’s solo division of 24 Hours in Old Pueblo. I know he’s fast becaus
e he can rip my legs off on a recreational ride, but I don’t usually even think of Mark as a racer because he doesn’t enter that many events. But when he does, he really moves. And he’s got an extra year on Janice. Finishing in the top 10 in Tucson? Badass.

Mike Morganson—just finished his, what, 15th Susitna 100? Some day, that race should start presenting an annual tenacity award, and it should have Mike’s face on it.

And congratulations to the rest of the Backcountry Bicycles team that went to Tucson for 24 Hours in Old Pueblo this year. In addition to Janice and Mark’s great races, Tony Berberich claimed fourth place in the men’s solo division, and Pete Basinger took seventh in the men’s singlespeed race. Backcountry’s women’s relay team placed fourth, and the Backcountry riders earned a special mention at the awards ceremony for their impressive trail etiquette.

Congratulations, all of you. Have a good sleep.


Jennoit said...

Congrats to the elders! (And not much elder than I am).

Debbie said...

And, while not bike-themed, I would like to point out that Janice has perfect skin.