Sunday, June 24, 2012

Home sweet home

Heather and Gina outside Girdwood on Saturday.

I love being passed by passenger trains while riding to Girdwood on a perfect summer day. The windows are filled with tourists who spent big money to come to Alaska and look around. Some have waited their whole lives for this.

And they’re diggin’ the same killer scenery my friends and I ride by all summer long. Every year.

I like how they unintentionally remind me that in a week or two, they’ll all be back in Barstow, Topeka, Tokyo or whatever. But we’ll still be here.


Jess said...

Alaska is a totally amazing place to ride. I drove up a couple years ago with my bike and did some riding and car camping. Incredible. Even though I had to go back home in the end. It was a great experience.

Debbie said...

The residents of Hawaii are saying the same thing about the tourists who pay big bucks to step on thorns in their flip-flops.

Tim said...

That's another thing I love about Alaska: no killer thorns!