Sunday, July 08, 2012

Devil's playground

The last couple of summers haven't involved enough weekends of trashing bikes, drinking around campfires and sleeping until hunger forces me out of a sleeping bag. I made an effort to correct that this weekend. And damn, it felt good.

Like most people, I've been postponing big rides on the Kenai Peninsula this summer because of the epic winter we just had, and the snow that's still melting out in the high country. That wasn't a bad call.

We must have pushed across eight or 10 snowfields up around Devil's Pass on Saturday. At this rate, I'm not sure all the snow will be gone before this year's Soggy Bottom about a month from now. If I were a Soggy rider, I'd be hoping for a really warm July. Actually, if I were crazy enough to be a Soggy rider, I have no idea what I'd be thinking, because I don't understand those people's minds.

I already have my hands full trying to understand the people I drink with around campfires.

It's a full-time job.


Debbie said...

Devil's Playground was a fantastic documentary about the Amish. I like picturing you all as Amish people engaging in rite-of-passage debauchery before you return to your horse-and-buggy and button-free living.

Vito said...

It must be a tough job, but someone has to do it:)

Nikkel said...

That looks like a great weekend -- here's to hoping you get a couple more of those in this summer.