Monday, August 29, 2005

Fatter than ever

Just what I needed -- another bike on which to focus my lust. Anchorage singlespeeder Pat Irwin is taking Alaska mountain biking into new terrain with his Surly Pugsly and its monstrously fat tires. Check it out in the Alaska forum at

It's happening Down Under, too.

It's only a matter of time until these cool machines fall into nefarious hands and end up being used as the human-powered equivalent of monster trucks. It could lead to a great new side event at mountain bike races. Pile up some Huffys and ride over 'em like Bigfoot smashing a bunch of old Chevy Impalas.


gwadzilla said...

Alaskan Pat Irwin?

thought he was from Tennesse or maybe Kentucky?

I met him years ago
we camped near each other at a 24 Hour Race in California

he was an amazing rider then
clearly still an amazing rider

more power to him!

Tim said...

Gotta be the same guy, gwadzilla. Pat's cousin owns Woody's Bicycles in Winchester, Tenn. Pat no longer races, but still does some amazing rides. He owned a shop here until a few months ago. He now sells bikes and does some custom work out of his house.