Friday, August 26, 2005

He kicked your asses. Get over it.

Most cycling fans have long known that the French press salivates over the prospect of shaming Lance Armstrong. Now that L'Equipe (click here for Velonews coverage in English) has launched its latest attack, even Miguel Indurian -- who is rarely heard from these days -- has spoken up on to say, "They have been out to get him in France for a number of years."

You can bet your ass that if it was a Frenchman who just won his seventh straight Tour, no one would be picking up L'Equipe this week and reading stories about urine samples from the '99 Tour.

Still, it's frustrating and troubling news if you're a fan. I've never denied that, despite all my hopes to the contrary, Armstrong could be as dirty as the next guy. I still hope he's clean. But while reading more coverage last night, it occurred to me that if this was happening in any other sport, I probably wouldn't believe the athlete's denials.

So why believe Armstrong? Well, the guy is such a biological anomaly that it's certainly easy to believe he could have done it all clean.

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