Thursday, August 18, 2005

Gotta love that hoopty ride

I was eating lunch in my office today when I came across this image from somewhere in Iraq. It's a great reminder that the fun and freedom that's found on a bicycle is common to kids everywhere. Sure, maybe that kid on the right is the class geek who gets his ass kicked on a regular basis because he rides around on a bike loaded with 37 rear-view mirrors and enough plastic crap to fill a Humvee. For all we know he's the neighborhood nerd, but you've gotta love the passion. When he pedals that pimped-out bad boy around the block, he thinks he's The Shit. And I hope the feeling lasts. It's hard to hide a car bomb on a bicycle.

The photo is from the Army's 411th Civil Affairs Battalion's video and photo gallery.

Speaking of Iraq, this Boston Globe editorial, via the folks at, is something everyone should think about.

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