Saturday, October 14, 2006

Senior moment

A couple of guys from my office went to one of those after-hours networking things a few days ago. While there, they started chatting with a guy I probably shouldn’t identify here, but his name sounded a lot like Rob German.

Anyway, my co-workers came back and told me how they and this guy who even looked a lot like Rob German discovered, during the course of conversation, that this friendly stranger knows me. He has ridden with me. As a matter of fact, he has raced with me, just like Rob German.

And being a friendly stranger, he told my co-workers that, “Tim’s a pretty good rider for a guy his age.”

For a guy his age. Man, if I ever run into that dude I’m gonna hit him with a cane.

And I can do it.

I own a cane.

Damn whippersnapper.

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the old bag said...


Back when I was racing at the ripe old age of 38, a late 20-something went on and on about how you're in such great shape for someone your age and how she hoped she'd in my kind of shape when I'm your age.

It was relentless...I wanted to cane her, too.