Friday, November 03, 2006

Oh, mama

I think I'm about to enter a new phase
of my cycling life: part-time roadie.

This baby just joined the family
of fat-tire bikes in my garage,
and I think it's faster than I am.

It's a Giant composite TCR Composite 1.
Full-carbon frame, Ksyrium Elite wheels
Ultegra and Dura Ace components,
Race Face cranks and BB.

And I got it in November.

It's going to be a long winter.


Shawn Kielty said...

You might need some pedals.

fatguyonalittlebike said...

Very nice.

daveIT said...

If you start shaving your legs I'm breaking up with you!

Nice ride!

Tim said...

Don't say such things, Davey. I'm counting on you to give me a wax job!

daveIT said...

I was going to say, "What happened? Did you drive the other one into the garage?", but I thought that would be too harsh.

I have a new toy on the way...a new Mac Pro to replace my 1999 iMac. Woo hoo.

the old bag said...

Part time roadie! Welcome to the fold.

And yes, they're all faster than we's what we love about them.

Shawn Kielty said...

My roadie is sort of begging for love -- I may need to pump her tires up take her around and show her off. That's a very nice ride ya got there Tim.

George said...

Tim, a buddy of mine has the same exact bike.....very sweet ride.

You ain't gonna ride it in the slush and snow are ya?:-)