Wednesday, November 01, 2006

C'mon, it's not hard

Why don't more people know the difference between "peddle" and "pedal?" This kind of foolishness is especially irritating when displayed by professionals who get paid to know better.

Writers and editors who commit this vile error should have their typing fingers slapped with an old inner tube.

Maybe I should be more forgiving. Because as Steve Martin once said, "Let's face it. Some people have a way with words and others, well ... not have way."

The example above was found on, which deserves at least a little credit for publishing a collection of cycling images.


Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting Americans learn to speak and write English? How dare you! If Mrkan is good enough for our president -- read books? Nuculer? -- it's damn well good enough for you, buddy! It's off to Gitmo with you! Damn commies! You're probably a bin Laden worshipper.

nicomachus said...

peddle/pedal really annoys me too. good catch on Slate.

SueJ said...
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SueJ said...

Go to and search for "pettle" on the forum there... it's been discussed at length by the resident Grammar Grouches.
But this post about Eurobike annoyed me just as much: dirtpedaler infers

daveIT said...

grumpy grammar grouch