Friday, November 24, 2006

Pull my finger

Every winter, I hear comments from people as they pass by when I’m locking up my bike after riding to work in the dark when it’s 5F outside. Some people express admiration for the effort to ride through the winter. Others aren't shy about saying they think I'm crazy.

A few weeks ago, a woman who works in the building walked in the back door just as I finished throwing the lock around my frame. “Your sanity is seriously in question,” she said with a smile.

As she continued to talk about the single-digit temperatures and icy streets, I pulled off a glove and told her to grab my hand. As she wrapped her cold fingers around my toasty ones, she was surprised to find that I was much warmer than she was after spending 20 minutes driving to work.

Cold steering wheels suck. Grab a handlebar.

But you can still pull my finger.


George said...

That's an awesome website.

linda-morgen said...

Riding through the winter is what mountain bikes are for!
But still I'm not sad that we just had the warmest October and November since Switzerland has been keeping weather records.
Still I got my Spikes ready to roll. Bring it on!

Michelle said...

Bike Guy gave me Pogies aka Bull Winkles last year for Christmas, it was the BEST gift, I thank him over again everytime I go for a cold ride. My hands never get cold.

gwadzilla said...

clinking on different parts of the images brings about


you knew that