Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Turning south

Ridge Road Trail outside Dawson City, Yukon

In the past 10 days, I've ridden in Whitehorse,
Skagway and Dawson City. And I'll be returning
to Whitehorse. Great town, nice trails.

New terrain is always a hoot. But
it's time to put in some road miles
and get back to Anchorage.

I'm ready to dodge the bears
on Double Bubble.


1234567890 said...

Hey Tim,

Didn't know you were over on this side of the border. Where did you ride in Whitehorse? Ridge Road trail is good fun, I'll be up there later this year.

Anthony (from Whitehorse)

Tim said...

Anthony, were you out on your road bike on Sunday? I think I saw you on the shoulder riding the opposite direction as we were pulling back into Whitehorse after a few days in Skagway. I've seen your picture on the mtbr forum, so I think it was you.

I just got a chance to sample Whitehorse. I rode some of the trails east of Miles Canyon with my daughter one day, then rode "Fat Tire Fever" (from the local trail book) the next.

I might return next year for a week of riding in the area.

1234567890 said...

Hey Tim,

Yeah, my wife and I went out riding on the Carcross Road that Sunday. I don't remember seeing you but there were a ton of people riding that day -- getting ready for the Kluane-Chilkat race.

Those are fun areas to ride, but next time you come look me up and I'll show you all the cool singletrack.

Glad you like Phillipe's, he's a cool guy.


Tim said...

You might hear from me as next summer approaches, Anthony. There's serious talk brewing of a return trip for a week of riding.

One of my brothers in the Lower 48 is just waiting for me to give him the OK to buy a plane ticket, and several riders in Anchorage are eager to head that way, as well.