Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I sometimes wonder about the influence mountain biking has had on my life. I’ve never really socialized all that much with other people my age who are married with kids, because they tend to not ride much; most non-biking activities bore me; and my wife still has a hell of a time trying to figure me out.

And now I’ve spent this week looking at Halloween party pictures that friends and relatives have posted to Facebook. They all appear to have had a great time, and seem thrilled with their wild antics. I scan their photos and think to myself, “Hmm. Well, I guess that could have been fun.”

The problem is, I went to a party that involved two hours of riding in the dark, followed by a big fire, beer, partial nudity in sub-freezing weather, and an array of minor injuries. It was freakishly good time.

Maybe my perception of fun is warped, compared to that of most people.

Hmm. I guess I can live with that.


Leo said...

you're a freak like the rest of us.get use to it weirdo


Grill Meister said...

Yup, it's more fun hanging out with freaks than "normal" people. Particularly younger ones. Too many people my age have defined themselves with inactivity. How boring.

I can easily say that I've never hung out with a more physically fit, hell raising, fun seeking, beer drinking, music loving, bike riding fools than the Frigid Bit-ers. I looked forward to my next encounter.