Sunday, November 01, 2009

Borat on a bike

Hallo! My name is Borat. Welcome to my home.
Please to come with me and I
introduce you to my family and friends.

This is mah wife. Her face look like dis
all tha time because she love me so much!
She proud that I come to America
and have much success.

This is my sister, Jamina. She village slut.
She talk on phone and say to man,
“Please to take peekture of my vahjeen, yes?”

This is famous American president
Ronalda Raygun. Bad, bad man.
He ruin my home country. I spit on grave of his.

My cousin, Leo. He go to prison,
but home now. Always playing
with weiner, he is. That why he go to prison.

Meester Butt. My neighbor. My sister
spend much time with him and love
his nose very much. I try to learn why,
but she just smile and no talk.

My other neighbors. I feel not so good for them.
They never know women for to make sexy time.
Not even with my seester, Jamina. Always together,
these men, but they happy.

I must go now. Weather is cold and mah wife
very angry when I shrinkage. She say,
“Borat! Keep warm! I want sexy time!”


Joboo said...



Grill Meister said...

It's going to be hard to top this posting for it's hilarity. Damn that's just too funny. I just can't imagine what might be next. Thanks Tim.

bikegirl said...

oh my oh my

I was at another partay across town. When the music momentarily went quiet I heard a scream. Now I know why...

sorry I missed it... I think...

Vito said...

Classic is right and I don't even want to try to imagine what might be next.

Thanks for the great laugh. Just what I needed on a Monday.

sean said...

LOL!!!! Jamina! New name forever.

Julie said...


Just kidding, I almost fell off my chair laughing at this.

My friend Laura said she was walking over to the fire from her house, but she heard people screaming so turned around and went home. After showing her the photos she thinks she made the right choice.

The Monkee said...

Has anybody seen my retard brother, Bilo? He escape and chase Jamina but I do not think he "gets this" yet. She is not Number 3 bike slut in all of Gooszakistan for nothing.

Heather said...

...and vhat eez dees one? Eez dees cheese, too?