Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Contest time

It's time for the first Bicycles & Icicles reader contest, complete with a prize. For a year or two now, I've been meaning to print up some stickers such as those fine samples from Handlebar Sandwich.

Given my recent fed-upedness with the attitude fat bikers get from the tight-ass Nordic ski crowd, I'm looking for something with a little attitude. Something that carries a pro-fat-bike message, or at least a pro-bike message.

This is where you come in, dear reader. The leading candidate for my inspired stickery is shown above, but you may have a better idea. If so, click the e-mail link to send suggestions my way, or simply leave a comment with your idea. If your idea is chosen for the sticker order, you'll get 10 free stickers. (So make sure you don't cast your brilliance to an "anonymous" comment. I'll need a way to contact you.)

Let the brainstorms begin.


Vito said...

I like the "One Less Skier" idea, but maybe with some Pugsley tracks going across it.

Joboo said...

Once you go FAT, you can't go back!!

Peace, Joboo

Steven Elliott said...

I only made sticker suggestions that my daughter could put on her bike.
God made snow so I can bike in it.

I bike in the summer to get fit for the winter season

Snow + Bike = Fun

I love my winter bike

I don't mean to bike on your cc ski tracks

Quit skiing on my line

I wouldn't pass if you'd ski faster

The bell means I'm coming through

Hurry up or get outta the way


Dan Kehlenbach said...

How about:

Hey skier, kiss my FAT ass!

Dan Kehlenbach

Unknown said...

How about "they invented the wheel for a reason..."

JordyB said...

I like the current "One Less Skier" Better than what I can come up with!

Unknown said...

Dear Bicycles & Icicles

'One less skier' is an arresting phrase indeed. I would go with that one.

When I cycled recently to the Arctic Circle from Scotland, I did not encounter that many skiers. The ones I did meet seemed friendly enough. In Norway it seems the men have naturally purple cheeks.

A feature film is soon to be made about my epic journey and if you have time you can follow the tread of my tyres at the amazing website:


Yours aye


Steven Elliott said...

I have to vote for Becca's

Debbie said...

I like a combo of Becca's and One Less Skier.

I conducted an experiment recetnly...I cheerfully said hello to skiers while trying skis myself for the first time. They still weren't friendly. Perhaps my flailing gave me away as not a real skier.

Leo said...

annoy a skier...be there

Paul Christensen said...

Although I think you have nailed it how about:
"Phat > XC"
"wide load, stay back 25'"
Or the inflamatory
"Nordic Assholes....Its an Anchorage thing" (although that might bring more attention than you want) Cause honestly, I have yet to encounter, or hear of any biker/skier negativity here in the Yukon, or Fairbanks where many of my buddies ride/ski.
Back in the '80s, I was going to UAF, and when in Valdez climbing, there was always a small contingent from Anchorage that brought a certain "vibe" to the scene that screamed "we are damned serious". A very small contingent, but it was there none-the-less.
Maybe those same guys are nordies now?? Or they are from Boulder originally. Just speculating.
One has to remember that nordies are generally also roadies in the summer.
And you just KNOW what thats like eh?

The Grouch said...

I have skis and I still want to ride my bike.

I don't care how good the skiing is, I want to ride my damn bike!