Sunday, February 28, 2010

Man down

Last week I wrote that, come hell or high water, I'd be back on singletrack Wednesday night. Then hell and high water both arrived at the same time. I've been ridin' the recliner with a fistful of decongestants and box of Kleenex ever since.

The only good thing about being down with a head cold is that it gives a person time to kill. And there's no better way to kill time than to make a slideshow of pics from rides over the past year.



WheelDancer said...

Excellent use of your down time. Now get better and get back out there to build up this year's slideshow.

saved by biking said...

Wow - very well done! I do my best creative work on drugs too. Thanks for that. Awesome presentation Tim.

Tim said...

"I do my best creative work on drugs too."

You, me and Jerry!

Julie said...

Love the video! Get better!