Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fingers around the fire

You can always count on a Frigid Bits event to be great when the burn barrel is involved. After a fun two-hour ride with a bunch of tight singletrack, the beer and dead animals tasted damn good. After the crowd thinned a bit, the holdouts even sang Happy Birthday for me, and posed for a one-finger salute. I love winter mountain bikers.

The night also marked the inaugural ride of Scarlett—my friend Amber's new Fatback with a custom paint job. A skull on the head tube, lightning bolts, a flame-covered fork, and a purple-to-pink fade with her name on the chainstays. It's definitely one of a kind, and will keep a shit-eatin' grin on her face for a good long while. Speedway did its usual nice job on the build. (Click on the detail shot for a closer look.)

And speaking of shops, thanks to Speedway, Paramount, Chain Reaction and The Bicycle Shop for generously donating some nice swag for last night's ride, which was a fundraiser for Singletrack Advocates.

Don't forget to click on the right side of this page to vote for your favorite slogan to be placed on the frame stickers I plan to order this week. But don't give Jules any sympathy votes after her earlier comment that she never wins anything, because she won the finest piece of swag last night: a nice new Camelbak donated by Greg over at Speedway.


Grill Meister said...

It was a special occasion and you recieved a couple nice double flip-offs. Excellent! And, what's up with Mesotony's squeeze? Doesn't she know how to throw out a nice bird?

Unknown said...

Wow, that fat bike thats got the costume paint job looks sweet. Beautiful woman and sweet looking bike :)


Tim said...

Tim, I don't think Kimberly knew what to make of the Big Flipoff. This was her first one. She looks like she's doing some kind of dance!

Julie said...

I know, that Camelbak I won is really sweet. It expands so that I can fit more snacks in there. Thanks Speedway!