Thursday, April 15, 2010

Finger flash

The thing I love about these shots of big groups flipping the bird is that there always seems to be a couple of people who aren’t really sure what the hell is going on.

See those three women on the far left? They had no idea why they were being rounded up in a dark parking lot to flip off some strange guy with a camera. Kudos to their bold friend for diving—finger first—right into the madness.

And thanks to the Smithville crew for letting me hang out and share a couple of beers after their Wednesday evening ride on a meteoric night.

Considering how many kilts were in this crowd, I'm just glad the meteor was the only big flash that occurred.


Julie said...

Your brother and Harter look really comfortable giving you the finger, almost like it was what they were born to do.

Notorious T said...

Brace yourself, Julie. Harter has vowed to drive to AK this summer!