Sunday, April 04, 2010

Don't hurry, be happy

I love slow rides. Many of my friends are lighter and faster than me, so even our “mellow” rides are still at what I think of as a brisk pace, and I love those, too. Sometimes, I end up with a group that that makes me work hard just to stay on the back. I even like those rides.

But there’s nothing like going out alone with the sole purpose of riding easy to rest weary legs, or to do some deep thinking, or just to take long breaks and enjoy the woods.

That’s what I did one day about a week ago. I had both tired legs and some thinking to do, so I took two and a half hours to do what could have easily been a 90-minute ride. I ate some snacks, took a bunch of pictures, and stared into a hole in the ice as a creek gurgled past beneath my feet.

At one point, I stopped in the woods to shoot a few pictures, and a local racer cranked by wearing his team kit. He looked a little baffled to see me just hanging out in the forest.

I’ve known people who focused so much on “training” that they forgot to ride for fun.

Frankly, I’d rather be slow.


Joboo said...

Here here to the slow take it all in ride!!!! Nothing clears my head like good grid through the woods. I ride 95% of the time by myself. Although two nights a week I ride with the local bike club. I'm the only one on knobbies, and those guys get a kick out of me keeping up with them. They should get a real good chuckle when I show up next week with the true "Fat" tires!!!
Peace, Joboo

The Donut Guy said...

I second that :-)

bikegirl said...

team kits
training rides
head down & frowning
sometimes these make me laugh

glennebo said...

Great post. There's nothing like a meandering ride and taking in the scenery. Add a camera and I'm in heaven. Nice to read others agree. I get passed by other cyclists often, even when I'm pushing it!