Sunday, June 13, 2010

Made in China

That young man on the left makes me proud to be an American ... and his uncle.

Yep, that incognito dude with the dark glasses actually shares some DNA with me, but he manages to overcome it. He also manages to come up with fine ideas like getting three friends to join him in a group flip-off on the city wall of Xi'an, China, during a recent trip I'm not allowed to describe in any detail, lest he end up in deep shit with educational authorities who may or may not have had anything to do his recent travel abroad—and who may lack the taste and humor to appreciate the beauty of the Finest Finger Gallery on the interwebs.

Maybe that's why he decided to dress like a G-Man on Secret Service Casual Friday. All the better to throw Mr. Hand off your trail if the excrement hits the air conditioning at Ridgemont High. And, just to make sure we keep it bike-related on this here bike blog, he threw in a photo of himself on the rig he rented for a ride around Xi'an.

The next time you find yourself on an ill-fitting rental, dear bike friends, just imagine what it feels like to be a six-foot-five dude on a bike built for the average Chinese commuter.

Stay tuned this week for the best flip-offs from a week in Whitehorse.

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