Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Time for a sun dance

Jules kicks up a little dust in the Yukon.

“Man, I wish it would just open up and pour. This rain is just messin’ with us.”

I was talking to this guy on the phone Tuesday afternoon as a cold, depressing mist fell over Anchorage. He isn’t a mountain biker, so I knew it was pointless to explain why I hoped the weather wouldn’t get worse. We were on different frequencies: He wants his lawn to green up without the aid of a sprinkler, while I want the trails to stay dry.

Hell, the thirstier my lawn gets, the more time I can spend riding a bike instead of pushing a lawnmower. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a perfectly acceptable situation.

And the dry, interior climate of Whitehorse spoiled me last week. The trails were talcum-powder dry. I found myself riding too close behind the Bike Monkee one afternoon, and ended up hacking and coughing for 10 minutes. (And this time it was because of dust!)

When this week’s wet weather settled over Anchorage, my motivation took a dive. I couldn’t force myself out Tuesday evening, so I did what I detest—I rode a trainer in the garage.

Before any of my friends say it, I already know what that means: It’s time to toughen up, Buttercup.

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Julie said...

Actually I find this weather a nice change from the hot dry conditions we had for the entire two week vacation.. it's much more pleasant to exercise in 50 degree weather than in 75!