Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Wild times in Whitehorse

This is Anthony, Whitehorse's finest mountain bike ambassador, and his superdog, Starbuck. Two days into our five-day invasion of the Yukon, Anthony has led us on miles and miles of sweet Canadian singletrack—or about 10 hours' worth, at our speeds (he could cover it a bit faster).

Both rides started right behind his house. This guy knows the first rule of real estate: Location, location, location. This isn't his first appearance on this blog. And the way this week is going, it won't be his last.

So many trails, so many beers, so little time. This is turning into a shitty week for blogging, but an epic week for riding. Best of all, everyone's stayed out of the ER, so far.

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Jennoit said...

Nice pic of Tony - and nice to meet you, Tim. Hope you made it safely home and that we will see you here on the trails again soon.