Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Bear

Resurrection Pass Trail, 7-17-10

With some rides, it's hard to determine what will be remembered the longest. Saturday's trip across Resurrection Pass was full of unusual elements like, heat; sun bright enough to burn our skin; unusually dry trail; a friend's severely disabled bike in the final quarter of the ride.

But, for me, the most memorable moment might be the bear. It crashed through the willows a few yards to my left, huffing and grunting as it—and I'm very happy to say this—found a way to run away from me instead of toward me. He was fast, brown and huge, and he did me a favor.

I'm often too quiet and complacent in serious bear country. I make too little noise and tend to forget about the risk of surprising a dangerous animal. A close encounter is a good reminder that I need to step it up a notch. Be louder. More aware.

Saturday's encounter happened so fast, it wasn't even very scary. It was later, in quieter moments, that it was easy to imagine what could have happened if the bear had chosen fight over flight.

And that wasn't much fun to think about.


lemmiwinks said...

"fast, brown and huge"

Accurate description of what would have been filling my pants were I in your situation!

Vito said...

I was nearly run over by a frightened whitetail buck a week ago and nearly had the same results described by "lemmiwinks".

Five more feet and he would have really done some damage.

stephengrant774 said...

Wow ! When out with my son we like to spot wildlife.... Herons, kestrels, rabbits, maybe even a deer ! Not sure if I should be jealous or not!