Saturday, July 31, 2010

Soggy end to the dry spell

The blog has been in a coma lately. This wasn't helped by a multi-day, non-biking trip out of town. Come to think of it, I'm having a little trouble remembering the last time I went on a real ride. I think it was ... oh, yeah, a freakin' week ago. No wonder I'm gettin' grumpy. Good thing I plan to remedy that situation on Sunday morning.

I returned home the other day and found this photo from Jules, who has been ripping her legs off preparing for this year's Soggy Bottom 100. She felt like flipping the bird to the notorious Swan Lake section of the Resurrection Trail during last weekend's training ride. And I don't blame her.

The Soggy will be held next Saturday. It's one more reminder that summer is flying by. Time to get busy and ride.

Who knows? Maybe I'll start coming up with stuff to rant about on the blog. I hope so, because ranting about not riding just sucks.


Debbie said...

I have two rants. First one pertains to piss poor proofreading on "Good think."

Second one I've been harboring bitterness about for a while: Why is the web address alaskabikeblog instead of bicyclesandicicles?

Notorious T said...

Is it any wonder I discourage crazy cat ladies from reading my blog?

Is it any surprise you posted this rant 20 minutes after mentioning on Facebook that you're PMSing? No, I think not.

Rant 1: I usually write and post this shit while drinking wine. You do the math.

Rant 2: Let go of the bitterness, you soon-to-be Tarheel. Like most bloggers, I started this little pimple on the ass of the Internet with little to no idea of what I was doing. A friend had told me (from the safe distance of Belfast, Northern Ireland), "you should start an Alaska bike blog."

So I did. Then I thought, "Hmm. That's a boring name." At that point, I decided to call it Bicycles & Icicles, but the address was already set.

This is why you should learn about bookmarks and RSS feeds, my dear. If you use them properly, you can forget the web address entirely.

Let's chat again in about a week, OK? Hmm?