Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back on the Blog

This here pimple on the ass of the Internet has been quiet while I’ve attended to more pressing matters, but it’s time to get back to business, even if it’s monkey business. 

Hell, my last post about riding in Alaska involved fat bikes on snow, and now I’m riding to work on my Trucker Deluxe without even needing studded tires. That means it’s been awhile. 

After moving across town, I’m figuring out which boxes contain things like my gloves, water bottles and bike parts, and I’m learning new routes to work. Losing old routines is disorienting, but it can be a good thing, too. Fresh starts are energizing. Summer’s coming up, and it’s time to start riding my ass off. 

I’ll see you out there. 

And here, too.


Leo said...

A MatSu 200k is a great way to start riding your ass off.

Tim said...

Or a MatSu 100k. Or sleeping late and riding to Eagle River for lunch?