Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Gettin' high on the Chugach

Darcy and Ryan keep the freak flag flying.

The winter trails are cooking off in the sun and warm, daytime temps, so this is probably the last fat-bike finger flip of the season. Fortunately, it comes from a paceline of Fatback riders rolling down Wolverine on Sunday, because that's a nice way to close out a winter of snow riding.

Even if I did have to pedal my fat ass uphill for two hours to get all the way up there.

A few intrepid folks are already dusting off the road bikes and starting to riding with an extra 100 pounds of tire pressure. I have to admit, I've caught myself leering at the plastic bike a little more often recently.

My first major road outings are probably three weeks away, and that's assuming I survive a move across town and the completion of a major project at work.

I always sort of dread the end of fat season, but I'm starting to feel the need for speed.


RANTWICK said...
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RANTWICK said...

Damn fat bikes. I wanted one as soon as I saw one. I ride all winter in more southerly climes, but one of those could get me through on the city paths that never get plowed, which is all of them in my town.

Thinner tires get bounced all over the icy, poc-marked surfaces where people have walked, even with studs and low tire pressures.