Thursday, March 16, 2006

Grab something worth reading

It's not often that I read a news story that gives me a reason to feel good, or to think that people can still look at a problem and come up with a thoughtful, reasonable solution. So I'm going to deviate from bike stuff tonight and offer a big public thanks to the Limestone District School Board in Kingston, Ontario, for making my day.

The Canadian Jewish Congress asked that a book called Three Wishes be removed from school shelves. The group was concerned about how the author dealt with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and questioned whether elementary school children could handle it.

The board read the book. The board thought about the book. Then, instead of banning it, the board told teachers to read the book and discuss it in the classroom as a teaching tool. The book stayed on school shelves. Everybody was happy.

If you haven't read a banned book recently, go grab one and read it in celebration.


Pete said...

They actually banned the American Heritage Dictionary???

Nathan said...

That is an encouraging story!

That conflict is messed up. I read Sacco's Palestine, another book on the subject that might appeal to kids, it being a graphic novel. I'll have to check out Three Wishes.