Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring takes a break

They called it the first day of spring.


All that new snow didn't make it look much like spring during my ride to work Monday morning. A couple of miles from my house, the build-up on my bike was so bad that my brakes barely functioned. I had to use the ol' Fred Flintstone technique to keep from running into a light pole at one of the intersections near my office. One of these days I need to build up a real winter bike with disc brakes.

Anyway, the weather could be worse. A few years ago we got 3 feet of snow in 24 hours on St. Patrick's Day. At least we aren't suffering alone this year. All over the country, people are gettin' slammed with one kind of crappy weather or another.

Enough already. The weather people say temps will soon be in the 40s. Anchorage will be one big, slushy pothole when that happens. That's OK, though. On the other side of the slop is the real spring.

Let's get it on, spring. Take me, I'm yours.

I was checking out Cycle-licious yesterday I came across this cool story about a federal prosecutor who rides his bike to work. Even when court happens to be several hundred miles away.

I bet the security guards don't hassle that dude when he rolls his bike into the building.

Too bad the prosecutor works in Tennessee. He has a fellow bike commuter in Connecticut who's in need of some prosecutin' and time in the Gray Bar Hotel. Or the mental ward.

Thanks for stoppin' by.


Fritz said...

Crooks on bikes is a common theme. 24 containers of deoderant down the pants is less common, I think.

I spent the day snow skiing today. 2 feet of snow over the past 24 hours and it was the best skiing I've ever experienced. Skiing on the fresh was like a dream.

Thanks for the link!

George said...

I have a singlespeed with disc brakes, it's an awesome winter bike.

the old bag said...

"On the other side of the slop is the real spring."

Got that right...it's what we're all waiting for.