Friday, March 03, 2006

Mr. Frigid Bits

Give a man a snowblower, a frozen lake and a dream, and you never know what'll happen.

You just know it'll be strange.

And potentially dangerous.

Race organizer Carlos Lozano is the guy who got some of us off our butts and out of our warm houses this winter so that we could spend our afternoons and nights hurtling around a frozen lake on our bikes. Didn't matter if he called it the Frigid Bits, the Chilly Willy, the Stud Slutz, or anything else (although when he attached "Sphincter Cramp" to the name, we knew things would get dicey). He set the course, cleared the snow and counted the laps.

Hell, he even inspired DaveIT to talk of getting an "FB4L" (Frigid Bits for Life) tattoo. Double hell, he even gave us free rolls of toilet paper at one race! It just doesn't get any better'n that unless the TP has George Bush's face printed on it.

So this is the official Bicycles and Icicles salute to Mr. Frigid Bits himself. Thanks for all your hard work, Carlos.

It was the most fun I've ever had with a frigid Goose and a guy in a bear suit.


Jill said...

Yeah Carlos! You da man!

daveIT said...

If only I could see him in lycra. Then my life would be complete.


Anonymous said...

isn't lycra a dirty word ? my ma told me to stay a way from lycra, ma said lycra was a tainted hussy !

Tim said...

Tainted hussy is as tainted hussy does.

daveit said...

"Hell, he even inspired DaveIT to talk of getting an "FB4L" (Frigid Bits for Life) tattoo."

"To talk of"...oh no the FB4L tattoo is real. Buy me a cocktail sailor and maybe I'll show you.

Tee hee hee.

P.S. Don't ask don't tell!